You’ll never find an empty office

You’ll never find an empty office someone has to to be removed for you to sit in it

You may not believe this but I had this from a preacher. And come to think of it it’s true. In class scenario to be the first position, one has to displace whoever is in that position before they can own it.

It’s sad but we have to fight successive battles until we win the war. That’s pretty much what our life is all about. For someone to be the victor someone has to be a lose to them. Life is pretty much about battles and scars.

Battles are all the oppositions we face when we’re rising. All the nos we have to encounter before it’s finally a yes; all the friends we had to leave behind because they betrayed us. All those encounters we’ve had that have taken all the energy within us, optimism and the will to go on but we still showed up every single day. All decisions we’ve had to make that pain us to even give them a thought. They leave such ugly memories behind.

Every battle is a stepping stone and every level is basically a new office. So the more the battles the stronger we grow. We all have scars and we need to own them. They make us who we are. It’s a symbol of courage; strength; endurance. Yes they’re battles we win but losing is all part of life. We can’t always be the winners it’s like saying we can’t have people telling us no.

We should treasure those scars. Most of us hide them because they might actually scare people away but the truth is yes a hundred will leave but what about the ten people who would actually stay? Would you rather be with the a hundred people who you can’t be real with? Would you rather shower them with beautiful lies?

You’re a fighter and how will people know you’re one without them? I would love the world to know that I’m a fighter because I actually did survive the battles they didn’t crush me. When someone criticizes you because of them tell them to take a seat. Make them know they don’t know you until they’ve seen all your scars. If they walk let them create beautiful memories with all the ones that stay cause they’re real.

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