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Carpe diem

“I want to go to Amsterdam.”

Most of us,if not all, have watched “The fault in our stars“. Can we remember the point “just Hazel” wanted to go to Amsterdam? But everyone insisted that she couldn’t simply because her parents and the doctors thought it was too big a risk to take. She thought what if she never gets another chance to actually go? And I think her thoughts were justified. What if she actually did die the following week? Wouldn’t she have actually wasted her chance?

So what’s your Amsterdam? We can’t all be having the same Amsterdam in mind. She sought for answers from the writer of her favorite book. What’s actually the one thing you’ve always wanted to do that looks insane and sounds out of this world? Do it. Make that mistake, step forward and actually demand for what you deserve. What if you never get another chance to do it? What if now is that last shot you had to make before time runs out and you lose to another team? You don’t find the job satisfactory but it gives you a roof over your head and puts food on the table, look for another; you hate the course your pursuing but you have to do it to please your parents, quit and start over.

Do what you want. In most of our lives we’ve been brought up by our parents and molded by the society to believe the first thing that should cross our mind when we’re doing something is: what will people think about me? The truth is even with the best behaviour on people will still think you’re faking it. They look forward to seeing you crack and “show your true colours” when you’re actually real. So do whatever you want let’s stop living for the society and everyone else. How about you live for you for a change. Do you whatever puts the widest smile across that face. I believed I’ve lived long enough to see we’ll never be able to please everyone or we’ll end up in misery. Live for you, everything else will fall into place. You wake up in the morning and feel like you want to wear pajamas all day? Put them on even at the mall.

We never grow without making mistakes. If your Amsterdam turns out to be a mistake, learn from it at least you won’t live the rest of your life wondering what it would have felt like on the other end of the line or what would have actually happened if you would have crossed the line.

Live. Make mistakes. Learn. Grow.

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