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Choose your story

I’ve asked a couple of people this question so let me include you too.”Do you think the fact that our parents struggle to put a roof over our heads, offer food and ensure we get good education enough?” And they thought it was enough because some of our parents are really struggling. What I never asked was if they were not struggling and were able to provide for us without an effort would that have been enough still?

I want to disagree with them and actually say that it should never be enough whether or not they are actually struggling. We are at a point where we can be breaking and our parents can’t really tell because we’ve perfected the art of hiding things from them. I can’t really blame us for this simply because they never showed us we could always talk to them when we have issues. They never made it clear enough that they should be our first run to when something goes wrong. Who was the first person you used to report to when someone took your ball or your doll? Then where does that trust go as we grow up? I want to think that we used to do it because they were the first friend we made when we opened our eyes and it was a default thing but as time progresses they forget that there is actually need of them to remind us we can still trust them. As we make more new friends the distance between us grows. We all have friends we’ve know from when we were younger but we can’t actually talk to because we’ve not been in contact for so long that we’re not even sure where we’re supposed to begin.

Sometimes I want to assume we have a generation full of people who would do anything to get attention simply because our parents never really showed us how to express ourselves or how to love ourselves and put ourselves first. We end up looking for that assurance that we are lovable in all the wrong places. We see people doing drugs because they need assurance and love from friends. And we judgingly tag them attention seekers but we really don’t know where it all started.

Some of us don’t really want to become parents because we are actually scared that we might find ourselves in the same loop though we want to make a difference. Others want to become parents because they want to make a difference in all ways. I don’t know where I stand. But who wouldn’t want their son or daughter to be able to tell them things ranging from how the weather sucks to their first crush to how the end of year exam is stressing them out? I want my kids to be able tell me I have a curfew but can you extend it with an hour because so and so has a party instead of realizing they snuck out because they didn’t know how to ask for permission or they were scared.

I want to believe that we can do better than everything we got. We can offer better.

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