Comfortable to be uncomfortable

Someone asked me which version of them I prefer and I actually asked them are they insinuating there was an old them. And they were not sure how to respond to that.

I want to think we work like the world. The same way there’s always someome new to meet in the world there’s this new part of us we have not met. And the emotions can be pretty diverse when we meet this new person. Some of us are like where have you been all my life and others are like I don’t like this person. Our reactions are all okay because no one should be told how to react to something.

We should however brace ourselves for this new person. We need to be comfortable with the fact that we will have a bumpy ride. We will feel vulnerable. We all know that transition is so hard and sometimes we will like hiding this person because we are ashamed of what people would think of us. But the truth is this part of you is screaming to be seen it’s not ashamed. When your light is too bright for people; don’t dim it throw them some shades.

I wouldn’t say I have already met all parts of me. I know I haven’t but the ones that I have met I sometimes want to really show them off but I hold back the moment I start thinking about people. For instance I might really want to share my ideas but the moment I begin everyone starts staring and I start thinking are they staring because my ideas are good or because they liked it when I couldn’t stand up for myself. The feeling is so intense that we want to keep on hiding this person. But I don’t want to hide this side of me anymore if you think they’re parts I should improve on seat me down and tell me. Don’t make me hide it because you’re scared my light will burn brighter than yours. But if my light actually burns brighter than yours won’t it make our journey easier cause we wouldn’t have to struggle so much everyone can borrow mine and the Path would be clearer; we would all see where we’re headed without straining. We should actually be happy for others because we would need them to hold our hand at some point in the journey.

The whole idea of meeting a new person is not meeting your twin. This new person is the things you’ve discovered you can do. Sit your friends Down and tell them. Tell them today I realized I’m good in drawing, I can do spoken word or I’m a good photographer what should I do about. Or I’ve become so emotional in the recent past how should I deal this. I know not all of them will have the same thing in mind but you can take the good stuff and leave the chaff. They’re are flawed but you’re flawed too. Well we all are. That’s why we love them. Don’t support people when it’s good for you because they can’t do better than you. Support them even when they’re actually better than you. That’s what friendship is all about. Everyone has their shining point.

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