Time is a master breaker

I was telling a close friend of mine an incident I had with a friend who was dear to me then we drifted. We had gone out eating and she was so furious about something I had just done and I realized she had this pent up anger that has been there for ages but she didn’t have a way to let it out. So she went on and on about how I’m making such a big mistake. And when I told her that the issue is between me and the person involved she literally burst into flames.

She is a friend I have had for the last seven years. We were so close we used to talk about everything and nothing. Everyone in my family knows her and it was like our house was her second home. We went to different High schools but we were still in contact. We wrote each other letters(I was fond of this) saying how school was; what new things have happened; new people we have met. When we went for holidays we still used to hang out. Then one day the letters stopped coming but it wasn’t such a bother because we still had holidays to catch up on.

We had already started drifting but it was so negligible. The calls stopped. And after high school she went silent for almost seven months. So I took an initiative and texted her one day to ask her about things and she was so cold. “That is personal”. And it hit me that she had found someone else and I shouldn’t bother. Then she shows up seven months later wanting to pick up things from where she left them.

I didn’t say anything or ask anything concerning the time gap. Until she brought it up the day we were out eating(which was a year later). And she was telling me about how she never replaced me but I did. And I laughed, which was rude but I couldn’t help it, because it was a lie. I know this is petty but she had other people. And I had to lie to everyone at home she was okay when they asked simply because I didn’t know what to say.

On that day I wanted so badly to tell her

When people move on without you

You eventually learn to move on too.

Time changes a lot of things. You left me along the highway was I suppose to keep on waiting for you to come back and pick me? I walked to the nearest bus stop and boarded the next bus because I got tired of waiting for you to come back. So I know I always say we can pick up things from where we left them but I’m afraid this time it’s not possible. Where are we suppose to begin?

The time gap is so big that we can’t just assume things didn’t change. This is not goodbye we just have to walk on a different path. Don’t let time break you up; keep in touch with your loved ones.

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