I’m not pretty, are you?

A few years back I would have said yes. The younger version, not that I’m old, of me thought that pretty was all about looks or that’s what everyone made me think. Then I sat and gave it a thought and realized pretty isn’t the looks. It’s everything you have to offer. What’s it that is inside you? That which no one knows about? What is it?

It’s the person you keep looked up in chains when everyone else is around you. Is that person pretty? Because if they were pretty they wouldn’t be chained we’d be dishing them out freely to people. What about the character that you try to keep under lock and key? Pretty is that character or that person.

Is your behaviour good enough? How do you treat people around? Make them feel small? Make them feel like they don’t deserve to be where they’re? Thought about something evil you’ll do to someone just for the fun of it? Make some feel like they don’t belong in your circle cause you’re too good for them?

I asked myself the same question but the truth is I no longer consider myself pretty cause at some point in life I have made someone feel small. And I know If you don’t treat people around you with respect you’re ugly. If anything you do to someone isn’t what you want in return you’re ugly no two ways about it.

Prettiness is embracing difference. Not everyone we meet in life will share the same beliefs and values but that doesn’t mean disrespect or belittling. We come from different worlds difference like change is inevitable. If we were all the same it would be so boring. Imagine meeting a you your whole life?

If you consider yourself pretty you might as well make everything within you as good as what we see on the outside. The world is full of ugly people don’t enlist in the task. Make someone’s life better; put a smile on someone’s face. Be the pretty person in their world.

You don’t get to decide whether someone is good enough by the way they look the first time you see them. Someone once told me you can meet someone on the first day and judge them but they might just be having a shitty day and can be a completely different person on another day cause everyone has bad days. Judge people’s prettiness with how they treat you or behave in a given period.

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