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My happy place

There’s always the feeling about loving a place. It’s not really in the place itself but it’s the happy moments that we create with the people in that place. It’s the people we are surrounded with that determine how we will feel. I’d say according to what I have felt or someone close to me has felt. I would say I really miss a place not because I’ve never had it bad there but the feeling that comes with knowing that someone somewhere actually wishes you the best or makes an effort to make your life better while you’re there really has a huge impact about our attitude towards a particular place. You can move to a new town and feel like you belong there or you’ve known those people your whole life. And sometimes tend to ask yourself where have they been all my life. Stay at home and long for the day you’d move out.

I miss home. The funny thing is, if you had asked me the same question sometime last year or a few months ago I would have given you a totally different answer not necessarily because we moved to a new town or something. We live in the exact same place. I didn’t really miss home not because I hate the place, I don’t, I just love traveling around; going to new places; meeting new people and home simply didn’t do that for me. I’d meet the same people I knew since I was born, not that it’s a bad thing.

Maybe I’m homesick. I used maybe because I actually wouldn’t know how it feels to be homesick. I never experienced that not when I left home for the first time when I was six and spent a whole month miles away from home; not even when I went to boarding school for the first time when I joined high school. Or maybe It’s actually me missing home because I met these amazing people who have had such a huge impact on my life which is actually rare thing these days simply because everyone is against everyone for no apparent reason. They made me feel like I have a second home in their home. Took me to these new places I never even knew exist. Made me feel like I can always have someone to talk to. We made such awesome memories together. Taught me how to appreciate every little moment in life and that family are the people that want to be in your life not necessarily related by blood. They made me feel like I belong. There’s a room in my heart with the memories we made, there’s no way I could ever forget.

At this point if I was asked if I want to go home I’d say yes and yes. I’d choose to forget all those times I rub shoulders with people when I was home not because my feelings were not hurt and I didn’t wet my pillow with tears for several days but it’s because I’m choosing to remember all the good times I had and how hard I laughed until my ribs hurt and there tears in my eyes. I can say this is one of the holidays I’ve done both crying and laughing the most. And maybe even the tears were completely forgotten once the laughing began because the joy was greater.

The simplest things in life make people happy like a good laugh and good friends. Move around if you love traveling; make new friends see the world from someone else’s eyes. Make someone long to stay in the same place forever; make someone want to be next to you.

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