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Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself

I’m not sad or depressed though my articles are full of emotions. I write something because I was at that place at some point in my life. Maybe I was sad or hurting at that point but when I actually do write about it I’ve risen above it. I’m doing it cause as much as we are all scared of talking about some things I’m sure we have been there or someone we know has been there. We are scared because we don’t want people to know who we really are or how we feel so we hide behind the beautiful masks that we have created and no one really Knows what goes on inside our heads or our hearts.

Well someone has to point out something in someone else so the person can decide what they would do with the information. I choose to be that person. It’s such a bold move but I’m choosing to be strong for that person who hasn’t found their voice yet or for that other one who is so used to it that they don’t care whether it’s happening or it’s not. Some things look so insignificant but they are ripping someone apart.

We live in a world where people have learned to be okay with things that are not right because they’re used to seeing them happening but I refuse to be okay with that anymore. we can’t wake up one day and change the world we have to actually start small. And well I guess this is my small.

Don’t misunderstand my emotions because the world has taught us to hide them that we are not sure what certain emotions mean or indicate. Why should we? Are you ashamed of pain? sadness? Are you afraid of being happy for your little success because someone has been more successful? Everyone expects you to behave in a particular way on social media or post photos in certain places or with certain people to be accepted in their level of success. At some point I used to see people taking pics from places everyone have visited now and again and thought it was a cliché then I sat and remembered that we all can’t get wherever we want at the same time others simply take longer to do so but we shouldn’t crucify them when they share their success and maybe that is their happy place at that particular time. No one can stand up anywhere in the universe and say they have never experienced pain whether it’s physical or emotional, or happiness or even sadness at some point in their lives. We have all been there so why are you ashamed?

Well I know I can choose to write about other emotions but happiness is talked about always by everyone what about the rest of the emotions people try to hide and about the ones that are talked about behind closed doors? who will talk about those? People are suffering because of that silence.

Let’s choose to be better; let’s change our society, one head at a time.

10 thoughts on “Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself

  1. Some of us find silence as the only peace we have, or maybe we are scared of being judged the society . But then your move and sincerity is so touching…


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