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My pillar of strength

I would want to tell myself she’s strong because she truly is. She stood up for whatever she wanted despite what everyone else told her. Maybe she made a mistake but the fact that she stood by her choices to the end is what actually fascinated me. She is what everyone out there needs to be; she is what I need to be; she is my hero. In the midst of all conflicting decisions she had to make she actually chose her happiness because she knows her existence actually depends on it.

How many times have we wanted to say something or even do something but we find our hands tied? We can’t do a thing simply because we think, “I’ll disappoint my parents, friends will not look at me the same way, society will judge me, etc”. I won’t say I’m not a victim – most of the time I am. A friend told me i am brave and bold because i put my truth out there for people to see and I said that is not the case. I always get second thoughts every time I want to share an article, I’ve written, to a friend and I end up not sharing it at all. Very few people know about the blog not because i don’t want to share it – it’s a battle between me wanting them to know who i really am and me wanting to keep this side of myself hidden. I asked myself this question in the recent past, “what do i have to lose by making them see this side of me? nothing but this is not applicable in all aspects in life. for instance i asked a friend what if i want to do something that is not approved by my parent and he said

the problem is that sometimes our parents forget that times have changed and that society has changed too and making them understand is just as hard as them making you understand their view. I listen to what’s important; i heed and what’s not i do it my way.
that is what I would call bold but if I’m honest it doesn’t end well with most of our parents. We will end up having all manner of tags to our names: disobedient, know it all, disrespectful, simply because you disagreed politely.

It’s so hard to simply be happy as every one is on your neck with expectations. As much as we want everyone to have a good opinion about us let’s face it, not everyone will. sometimes I think it’s okay to be selfish with your happiness, why? Because mankind is hardly impossible to impress; their desires keep on changing with time. You deserve to give yourself the exact amount of effort you put to impress others. Do something for yourself and while your resting at the end of the day you’ll smile when remember you did for you not anyone else because you deserve it. All the happiness in the world deserves to be experienced by you.

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