Look again

If you met me or knew me two months ago, you would not have failed to notice the nails on my left hand. I treasured my nails. They were among the things that I love about myself. I decided to cut them some time in July and when some of my friends actually asked me why I cut the nails I didn’t really want to tell them the truth so I lied. What I told them was that they’d eventually grow. I was actually afraid of telling them the reason simply because it sounded lame in my head. One person asked me, “When would they actually grow since they were present since I met you?” and I was unable to answer that. The nails were actually more than an year old so it was painful to just wake up one day and cut them off but I did so because my favorite nail broke, the rest didn’t look beautiful anymore. That’s what I told myself.

Enough about the nails. Here’s what I thought. Everything takes time to grow and nourish until it catches someone else’s eye. No one knew how much they broke; how ugly they looked when they broke; how some people criticized me about them. How I so hard tried to argue out the fact that I did house chores like anyone else but no one actually believed it. I still kept despite everything. Everything breaks and grows until it eventually learns how to withstand the environment around it or it’s almost completely stable. Even when it’s almost stable it does not simply mean it will not be affected by things happening around it.

We tend to ignore things or people around us when the one thing we adored so much is taken away from us. What we fail to realize is that, our lives do not just revolve around a person or a job or an institution or a talent. There is so much more. Don’t cut off everyone else that is around you simply because the person you trusted most betrayed you or left you or you can’t swim anymore because something happened to your leg or hand. Everything happens for a reason even though we do not see it most of the time, myself included. We are not always able to explain why somethings happen and we tend to sit down, beat ourselves up and spend weeks if not months sulking over some things we have no control over. Pick up your pieces allow yourself to learn from the situation if you can, allow yourself to feel down because emotions demand to be felt and learn to move on.

Don’t turn a blind eye on every person who’s there still; don’t make them suffer for the mistakes of other people. Let them take you to the next level, somewhere that person, talent or job was unable to get you. I’m sure we were unable to notice the capability of anything else since we were so focused on one thing. Embrace change and the fact that it is a constant in life. It will always be there even when we don’t need it or when we feel it is the cause of bumps and dead ends on our roads.

I believe there was a reason why that single person left or the job was not able to accommodate you anymore. Living is learning something new everyday.

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