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No Through way

I’ve been seated on my bed with my laptop on my thighs for several hours after posting the previous article wanting to write so badly but i can’t seem to find something to write about. Where did the spark go? I wonder. There’s loud music playing but it’s not getting to me. Noise doesn’t affect my writing most of the time. I can write right through a lecture room with the lecturer teaching or even with my classmates talking. I just get this urge to write and I just do it like my life depends on it.

There’s this peace that comes with writing something down whether it’s on paper or it’s typing. It’s like talking to someone you can’t see but you are guaranteed their 100% attention. I always know someone is going through this and that someone needs to know they are not alone because we’re not in the same boat but we’re definitely in the same sea. So I’m telling my brain “hey, we need to put something down like right now” and it’s just looking at me and not saying a thing, not ringing the bells it always does.

Still seated  in the same spot on the same bed that I wrote several articles on. I think my bed is my thinking spot. When I was home I was always writing on it and same thing still in school. I think it has super powers( I should insert an emoji). Maybe something has changed. Maybe it’s the pile of dirty clothes in the room; maybe I’m hungry and my brain has no energy to think but I ate just a few hours ago. So I sing to my brain “girl I wanna work this out cause I’m tired of fighting” but it’s not even moved by my vibe. I thought my vibe was good enough now I guess I need to ask for advice from experts have their brains falling head over heels over their vibes.

I have instead decided to write a letter but I have no idea what I should entitle it because I have no clue how the strong bond and relationship we had got to this. I don’t know what to say but I’ll still shoot my shot. So this is it

Dear brain,

I am sorry for whatever I did wrong, even though I have no idea what it is. I really miss all the good times we had and I want to say I’m sorry if I took you for granted. Can we make up really soon. I miss you already. Kisses from me to you.

Yours always,


Meanwhile someone help me with this block.

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