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life is a bed of roses

While everyone wants to claim life is not a bed of roses I want to totally disagree with them. Insane right? Well did everyone forget that roses have thorns and thorns can prickle? I think so. In other words life is full of good things with bad things in it. The same way roses are beautiful but they have thorns.

I have good habits in me as a person but I’m still made up of some bad habits. There’s always good in bad they say. We meet people in life create good memories with but they have to go away sometimes for different reasons. Well those beautiful moments we had with them will eventually cause us pain. Were the moments bad no they were so beautiful but it pains us. Why? Because we won’t be able to make them any more. It’s sad but we eventually learn to live with it it just doesn’t go away. Memories have a lot of weight: they once gave us so much to live for but now they are the reason we are drowning; they are the monsters we have to face.

When someone walks away we hate them for walking away but why don’t we hate the ones that are taken away from us, for not staying with us long enough or forever. The reason is because they had to go they had no choice, why can’t we give the same answer to the ones who walk away? We learn to appreciate the time we shared with them; the breath taking moments, the times we cried with them because they didn’t perform well in something or laugh at how someone pulled the chair when they were sitting and they fell on their butt.

Well today I want to celebrate those moments with all those people especially this one who was taken away from me. You still hold a special place in my heart. I think I should call you my rose. Am I sad yes, I lost you but I’m also grateful for the moments we shared. You gave me a forever in a few months.

What’s my point in all of this: It’s okay to feel sad because you had to part ways with someone but don’t make them the villain because they were once the rays of sunshine on a cold and gloomy day. Let them be your rose because well, roses have thorns.

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