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Let’s laugh together

The breeze that hits you as you walk towards it gives it away. That beach. Yes, That beach. You can see the rocks right from the entrance due to years of the sand being washed away by water. I love this place. Is it fancy no way. Just an ordinary place surrounded by tons of water and sand.

It belongs to me. It’s holds few memories with a lot of weight. I love this particular entrance. It’s just a few metres from here that I first broke my lips’ seal. Yes my first kiss. My teenage self though it would be like in the movies. How wrong I was. I had a very terrible stomach ache that evening . I didn’t know how to explain the cause to anyone so I silently endured the pain. When you’re eating an orange you can accidentally squeeze the peel into your mouth but it doesn’t make the orange is sour.

Feel free to take the seat beside me and let’s jump into the abyss . So we were walking barefooted along the shores, not really holding hands, and it just felt so right even though I was working against time. I needed to be home by six o’clock and here I was learning how romantic it felt walking along the shore with my first boyfriend who was going to kiss in the next thirty minutes or so. I just needed my brain to be on my side for just even ten minutes but it thought otherwise. So we sat on the coral reefs and talked for hours and it finally happened. I closed my eyes not really sure why. Was it the adrenaline or was it because I had watched so many movies that I wanted to look like I knew what I was doing, I don’t really; all I know is that I just shut them.

I couldn’t explain how it felt cause I didn’t have something to refer to. I said I wanted to go home, it was the only thing that was on my mind at that time because I was really avoiding the silence for and i didn’t know what was supposed to happen after that. But I heard, I was a good kisser,too bad you’ll never confirm or deny that.

It’s like it happens to me all over again every time I walk down that path. I can’t help but see myself there even when I’m not thinking about it.

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