life · Poetry

confessions I

I’ve noticed the change

I know you have too

the calls that are full of small talk

or that end after “what are you doing?

I’ll call you later”

we used to talk for hours

I could just simply open up to you

as easily as I write

look at us now

still together yet so distant

we have to relight the fire after a short span

the fire that i thought would go on for ages

are you seeing that I’m dying inside

I can hardly tell what is going on with you

you forgot the sound of my distressed voice

I don’t blame you

though it hurts that we’re stuck in this spot

while everyone sees the strong building

that is not swayed by wind

they fail to see the cracks running down

the walls inside

worsening with every hidden suffering,

with every okay,

with every I don’t know what to say,

with every just for the sake answer

we promised each other forever

even though we never said it out


i guess we’d rather die than

break the promise we never


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