life · Poetry

i’m breaking my heart

I’m breaking my heart

sitting here everyday thinking

I should man up and tell you

I’m breaking my own heart

letting you occupy my thoughts

the better part of the day

I’m breaking my heart

pretending you don’t know this

knowing too well you noticed

I’m breaking my own heart
it’s been years

years of pretence

living my life pretending i moved on

not because I’m a coward

because I asked you

and you said no to me

well love

I know i wasn’t upfront about it

but I was as straight forward as i could get

you know me


I don’t want to call you babe

because I’ve realized everyone that

goes by that name eventually goes

and I kinda want you to stay here longer

I won’t use forever

cause I know that too ends

so allow me to use longer

because then

maybe then

we could trick it

into forever


Well let’s laugh

together because –

I’m breaking my heart


and we all know

you see me as nothing more than

a friend

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