life · Poetry

Can we?

Let’s talk

Let’s talk about the things that make us uneasy

Maybe the things that make us uncomfortable are not the same

The things that make you fidget when you hear about them

Those are the ones I want to address

I heard they said ladies first

Well I’m not sure I’m a lady but

I’ll just do it anyway

You see

I have had these emotions that I keep behind a locked door

But somehow they always find a way out

Through that slit between the pieces of wood

But I somehow manage to get them back in

And add an extra piece of wood on that slit

But I’m growing tired

So I want you to know

It would be easier for me if not the both of us if we address this

Don’t you think?

I thought that I was getting better at this

But it turns out I’m not

I’m just growing tired of lying to myself

And I’d really appreciate it if you made the load a little lighter

Everyone appreciates a less heavy load

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