She is homeless
Maybe she isn’t
but that’s what she feels
and we all know emotions demand to be felt
well if you didn’t know that at least now you do
sit down and lemme tell you her story

once  upon a time she had this home
it wasn’t the loveliest
but at her current state, i think she’d deem it the loveliest
well it had a leaking roof maybe
and the pieces of wood that covered the door were too close together that light could barely penetrate
but she had a home
i guess she got too comfortable
that she let her selfish desire for wanting the light to get in cloud her judgement
so she began removing the pieces of nails that held the wood,for door, together
forgetting she could always open the door
and that she didn’t necessarily have to disassemble the door.
but she didn’t realize it then
she tried that for too long that cracks started to form on the walls
now she’s seated wondering “Why didn’t i just think of opening the door sooner?”
well the damage is already done
and all we can do is sit and hope she can fix the house

she’s seated outside
because she is scared if she goes in or makes an attempt to
the home will collapse on her
and no one can fix the mess but her
no one can come to her rescue
these are among those moments
that she’ll have to be her own hero
but we all know that she’ll
eventually have to go in.


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