A better today

They said once bitten twice shy
But I think it should be twice paranoid
Yes paranoid.
Have you ever sat down and revisited some pages you swore you’d never re-read
Yes those pages you wanted to tear out and burn to ashes
And you read them over and over again until you can memorize every word
Not that they have suddenly become pleasant
Because you want to calm your nerves
And make sure that history isn’t repeating itself
So you sit and replay the scenes
You sit and analyze the the signs and put a tick on that list that you’ve made in your  head just to confirm it’s actually not the same thing
Because you’d be doomed if it was
You see every character as though it was happening all over again
But this time it’s like watching a movie alone at the cinema
This time you don’t actually breakdown
This time you actually convince yourself it was just a bad a page
And life is better now
Because it is
You now see how far you’ve come
What you have been able to move past
And how strong you’ve become
Applaud yourself
Sit down have a cup of coffee
Or even a glass of wine
With a friend
Because guess what
You did it
And you can get past more



Copyright© 2018-2019 by Lucky Katana

All Rights Reserved.



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