You asked me to show you who i really am
as hard as it was for
i stripped all my layers and stood before you
because i was so convinced you really wanted to see me
and you had what it took to look at my scars
and not fall in love with them, that’s corny,
but see how far I’ve come
what I’ve been able to overcome
you however had other plans
you judged my scars
i didn’t think i’d need you to pick sides
between what/who caused my pain and me
but by doing that you planted that thought in my mind
you made me question myself
you made me wonder whether
it was okay for my feelings to be hurt
because someone had a reason for doing whatever they did
so i wonder whether it’s okay for
someone to slap me because they felt the need to
or is that not what you’re saying
i trusted you not with my money we already have
banks for that
i trusted you with myself
the person that even the people who are suppose
to about her don’t
that person
the one that i put in a safe inside a safe in a locked room
and you broke that trust
you showed me that she’s better off in that room
that no one is ready to see her yet
because her truth is pain to people
her honesty is being bitter
and her happiness and achievements are
was that really necessary to tell everyone
on that same day something changed
something’s different now
she has mastered strength
she has learnt to rain hell on whoever
is forcing her back into that room
she has known freedom
and freedom is embracing who she really is
and there’s no going back

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