He whose life is based on lies
Can tell the lie but cannot tell
The difference between the truth and a lie 
But he who has an open life 
Tells no lie but can surely tell the 
Difference between the truth and a lie

Well with that being said
Where do you fall?
I wouldn’t want to call you a liar because it’s too harsh
And also because I’ve realized
People don’t like black or white
They love grey
So I’ll try and find a sweeter word
Yes lemme just sugarcoat that
So that you’ll dislike me a little less
For telling a little less truth
Maybe I should even find a phrase for that
Or what do you think?
This life is simple but we it complex
I’ll tell you a little lie today
Because I’m scared
If I’m an open book you’ll see my scars
I’ll feel a little insecure
And you’ll pounce on my weakness
I heard someone say
We capitalize on people’s weaknesses as humans
But I tried to show him that
We do that on businesses not people
But it looks like I was wrong
Or maybe I was right
What I didn’t realize is that
We treat everything as a business
So I guess we’ll all keep telling those lies
And give a sprinkle of truth to those VIPs in our lives  

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