Let’s not forget

They said once you get comfortable with the loneliness you wouldn’t want to deal with people again but that’s not true. We all know once you get comfortable with having a world of your own, you wouldn’t want to deal with people anymore.

What’s “your world”. See those three songs you play on repeat; that baggy dress you wear; those shorts and sweatpants; not having to comb your hair; not having to hear someone make a comment concerning your dress code or how you have lipstick on your cheek and you didn’t realize. That feeling of not having to do something so that someone else can be comfortable – wearing a bra – that is your world.

We have fallen into the habit of telling ourselves that we have become too antisocial, we are always on our phones and many other reasons but we never stop and ask ourselves, why? Why are always on our phones? Why do we look forward to one less interaction, human interaction? Why do we look forward to spending time in our pajamas and behind closed doors? Have you thought about it? Because I have and I believe we should all do the same. Look at this scenario: you’re seated in your house taking coffee in your pajamas while watching your favourite TV show and laughing your heart out. Look at you! Happy without a care in the world; like global warming doesn’t exist. Now let’s go out. You work at a media house. You’re expected to wear heels and walk in them all day. You meet with people, on your way to the bus stop, that just keep on stepping on your shoes or even bumping on your shoulders. You get into your work place and one of your colleagues ask you, “don’t you have a mirror, Karen?” and walks away laughing. You walk to the washroom and realize you have lipstick on your teeth. “You don’t know that? You’re are a joke”. What a way to start your day!

Karen, sweet quiet Karen. Have you realized anything? Karen is going to be frustrated the whole day. She has to put on heels from Monday to Monday, she has to stop herself from yelling at someone, “hey, watch where you’re going” or “can’t you say, sorry, it’s just five letters what will it cost you?”, she has to deal with the fact that she has an insensitive colleague who doesn’t have the decency of telling her, ”hey love, you have lipstick on your teeth, here’s a tissue” or even “hey, you have lipstick on your teeth.”, “You don’t know how to do that? Here, let me show you.” She’ll spend her day going through scripts and practicing the perfect smile even though she really wants to scream out her anger and frustration. Her self – esteem has lowered; a piece of her soul has chipped.

Why would Karen want to spend an hour outside her house when she can spend her time with Wendy Williams, Ellen or Liza Koshy? They wouldn’t do or say anything that would hurt her feelings apart from saying something about her favourite celebrity, which she can live with, the damage wouldn’t be huge.

At this point, we can all agree that Karen isn’t running away from people, she moving towards a totally controlled environment. She can control all the factors, she wouldn’t be hurt, frustrated or sad unless the internet isn’t working and she can’t watch her favourite TV host. Don’t get me wrong she doesn’t want control. She just wants people to remember stuff, to go back to basics: good morning or just a smile; politeness (sorry); kindness; compassion; being considerate of other people’s feelings. Let’s remember or rather let’s not forget.

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