Suppression — Welcome to my World

For every nine people you can't trust there's one person you can trust look again. At times, I want you to come and sit beside me under the favourite tree of mine and speak about all that which you’ve been suppressing inside your heart, which is killing you inside everyday. I want you to open… Continue reading Suppression — Welcome to my World


Artists — Welcome to my World

Artists are difficult to love, you cannot really understand them. The moment you think you’ve known them completely, you’ll see a part of them which you’ve never even recognized, and then change their personalities and make you wonder what’s exactly happened. They’re completely misfits in the world of hypocrites, trying to define a set of […]… Continue reading Artists — Welcome to my World


Society. Judge, jury & executioner of the 21st century

18 yard box

“This dress is too short, what will people think of me?” is the first thought that runs through the shy girl’s mind as she stands in front of the mirror. Despite the fact that it looks beautiful on her, she finally opts not to dawn it. Why? It’s not because she was taught to consider what other people think. No not at all. Rather she has been tortured into believing so. One of the most impossible feats is planting an idea in the human mind and convincing it that it made the idea on it’s own. And sadly I have to congratulate the so called “Society” for achieving this feat. What is society or rather who is, let me give you a hint it starts with me and ends with you. What’s the first thought when you see a drunk man staggering home singing zilizopendwa among other genres after deciding…

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